A Busy Week!

If you missed anything this week, it’s time to catch up! Tango, by himself and with some help from Cubfan135, Zedaph and Impulse, had a busy week on the Hermitcraft VI server this week. First, he and Cubfan135 pranked (in shades of the NHO) an AFK Xisuma in Episode 5: The Free Range Angler Patrol. Then Tango built his shop, Tek Flight, that cannot be missed in the shopping district. In fact, he had a customer before he was even finished building. You can see it all in Episode 6: Tek Flight is Open For Business! On Wednesday, Zedaph and Tango had some fun in a Mixer stream with this season’s Tag game. We find out how well Tango’s shop is doing. Tango and Zedaph then go off to clear an ocean monument. You can catch the replay here and find all of Tango’s streams here. Friday, Tango’s video showed him building a automatic shulker storage system for his mob farm and showing off Falsesymmetry’s building skills. Then he stalks his target to tag. It’s nice to see all of the Hermits interacting again this season. Friday afternoon on Mixer, he and Impulse built non-redstone cow and tree farms that were super-efficient and helpful for those of us (me) who are not yet redstone literate. The replay is here.          

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