Hermitcraft 6 is Here!

I apologize for the lateness of this post, but I’ve been traveling in Alaska for the past thirty days and Internet up there is sporadic at best. But hopefully, I will get everyone caught up if they have missed any of Tango’s new Hermitcraft 6 videos. Since I’m so behind, this post will deal with Hermitcraft 6 on YouTube, another will deal with the What If videos, and a third will bring you up speed on what’s been happening over at Tango’s live-streaming on Mixer.

Hermitcraft VI: #1 Glory and Pancakes!

Hermitcraft 6 is here and in the awesome new Minecraft 1.13 Aquatic Update. Tango takes us through some of the changes to Minecraft and also a few minor changes they have made in Hermitcraft. They are using a few minor mods this season and they are all using the same texture pack – both of which Tango, purist that he is and we love him for it, is unsure about. We will see how it goes as the season progresses.

Watch here or on YouTube for HD or to comment.

Hermitcraft VI: #2 Date with a Dragon!

Tango goes to the nether to get supplies for a solo dragon battle. Things, as usual, don’t go as well as planned. We get to see some of the fun he had with the blazes, a ghast, whither skeletons, and endermen but the “misery and anti-fun” part was denied us, even though Tango assures us that his language was very harsh and “gosh darn” and “shucks” verbalized when he took a bath in lava fun sauce. I for one would have liked to have seen that. Tango may call it misery, but that’s entertainment to us, am I right? He was also attacked by a rumpus of phantoms, he says, and while that does not sound entertaining, it would be informative for those who have not yet encountered them. (Yes, Tango, I’m critiquing your videos. You’ll live.) 

He goes on to enchant a dragon-killing suit and weapons and then goes to fight the dragon… you’ll have to watch to see what happens. Suspenseful, isn’t it?

Watch here or on YouTube for HD or to comment.

Hermitcraft VI: #3: Custom Mob Farm!

Tango shows us the elytra and shulker shells he got in a live-stream https://mixer.com/TangoTek and introduces us to his new villagers, Ding and Dong. He then begins a towering new custom mob farm that uses some of the new water mechanics in 1.13. He also gets a little help from Scar, and saves Scar’s life a couple of times while he’s there. We get a small preview of Scar’s new pirate-themed base.

Watch here or on YouTube for HD or to comment.

Hermitcraft VI: #4 Shops and Drops

Tango reveals his plan for a flight shop, to provide eleytra and rockets to all the hermits on the server. But first he needs sugarcane fore the paper for the rockets, and for that he needs slime blocks to harvest the sugarcane. so he heads off to the server’s shopping district, giving us a tour of the incredible builds of some of the other Hermits along the way. After making a few Hermits richer and making a trade with Impulse, Tango is back at work on the sugarcane farm.

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