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This week, Tango showed us the agony of defeat and the sweetness of success. Tango and Impulse had a very unsuccessful Drown-hunting session in the DERP stream last week, but on Monday’s stream, things went much differently. Tango then set up the underwater killing chamber in the stream, which he shows off in Hermitcraft VI: #16 Death Under The Sea. He did a fantastic job of making it look like it is part of the Aquatic Update and those drowns are naturally spawned in the world like that. Kudos, Tango. In #17: Trident Barrage!, Tango seems to think that coral grows like a saguaro cactus, but we’ll cut him a break because it’s his first time decorating with coral. He demonstrates how he’s going to get his trident-wielding drowns into their places, and then he cuts to show us the winner of the grand prize of the Dig My Bits competition. The minecarts are then installed under the magma blocks in the ocean, the drowns are moved into place, and … well, Tango’s new friends aren’t always friendly, so pistons and glass blocks are needed. Tango is building this, so of course, redstone is involved. And then the golems start falling. Over on Skyblock, Tango goes in search of quests, and the other attractions to be found on the server. It involves a lot of falling. He then tries his hand at enchanting to get a Looting sword for Little Wee Man, and in typical Tango fashion, he goes a bit crazy with it.   The current streaming schedule is: All times in Arizona time UTC-7  You can find a time converter here and here. You can also use America/Phoenix as a reference point. Wednesday 9 am-12 noon Friday   2 pm – 5 pm Tango now has a merchandise store where you can buy Tango Tek mugs and Dig My Bits t-shirts! Click the mug for the link.

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