Killing It on Skyblock

Tango is killing it – many things, actually, on Skyblock, so if you aren’t following that series, you really should check it out. In episode 4, he kills a few bosses, makes a trip into the Nether, and adds a few spawners to his already OP mob killing spot. In episode 5, Tango does science to once again try to break the game. And then he tries his hand at having a minion do the work for him. Experimentation and fun all around!     On Hermitcraft season 6, Tango finally blows the big hole in his island of glory and pancakes that he’s been promising us all season in episode 12.           But the rest of the dig needs more precision – and is a lot of work – so Tango creates a competition, called Dig My Bits. The idea is that if you dig out the cave, you will find shulker boxes filled with varying levels of loot buried within (there’s still a rare box unfound as of this writing) and one note with a chance at the grand prize. Whoever has the most notes when the digging is complete gets the grand prize. As the digging is not yet complete, we aren’t sure who won yet, but I have my suspicions. You have to tune in to ImpulseSV, Welsknight and Xisuma to see the digging, but it took less than ten hours to dig out the majority of the rest of the mountain.   In episode 14, something is amiss on Hermit Island. Tango and Xisuma claim that iJevin is treating his villagers at his iron farm unethically and form a protest outside, in front of, on top of, and all around iJevin’s iron shop that has to be seen to be believed. Before he resumes his base, though, Tango has a major project to complete. Apparently the Hermits have been clamoring for lots and lots of poppies and Tango, being the expert on giant farms that amass large amounts of poppies, has begun work on a huge “poppy farm” in the sky. It requires a lot of materials, including villagers, which Tango assures us, after his prank on iJevin, will be treated ethically. In episode 15, building of the Iron Titan (Poppy Titan?) with a new and improved (hopefully) killing chamber begins. In Friday’s DERP stream, Tango and Impulse worked on the new Iron Titan “poppy farm” that he started construction of in his last video. Having used lava in the past to kill the iron golems and then updating to evokers and vex for season 5 of Hermitcraft, Tango thought it was time to update the means of obtaining poppies once again for 1.13. But drowns with tridents don’t appear just because you want one, so he and Impulse went literally around in circles before heading to Tango’s trident farm to try to find some. But sometimes you have to break a few eggs, or trident farms, in order to make it work.     The current streaming schedule is: All times in Arizona time UTC-7  You can find a time converter here and here. You can also use America/Phoenix as a reference point. Wednesday 9 am-12 noon Friday   2 pm – 5 pm Tango now has a merchandise store where you can buy Tango Tek mugs and Dig My Bits t-shirts! Click the mug for the link.

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