The Mall of DERP

I watched Minecon Earth 2018 on Mixer, and during the live stream, when they were talking about changes to the villagers, the chat was exploding with people asking for Tango’s villagers to be added to the game. I couldn’t stop smiling! But now that that stream is over, let’s catch up with what Tango has been doing this week. Because of behind-the-scenes work and family commitments, there was only one new video this week, and what a video that was. Tango and Impulse have dug a huge hole under the shopping district to carve out an underground mall for the Hermits. They’ve put in elevators, decorated it, color-coded the hallways, and went on a shopping spree to rival my grandmother during the January housewares sales. Last Saturday’s livestream, during Hermitcraft livestream day, was a collab with Impulse where they began the dig out of the mall. Friday’s DERP stream had them doing more work on the mall – and killing some of their expensively-bought fish in the process. On Wednesday’s stream, Tango and Zedaph began playing a new game, Cardlife, where they play cardboard characters and they live in a cardboard world. They make tools and make armor as in Minecraft, but everything is made of the cardboard of the world.   Follow us on Twitter or Facebook for notices on when Tango goes live on Mixer. All links are below.    

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