You Can Do Almost Everything Underwater

You can do almost anything from underwater in the Update Aquatic, and fighting the wither is one of them. Tango found that out this week when he and Xisuma took on the wither to get a nether star for another beacon. But first, in Hermitcraft episode 18: Flood It All, Tango finished the viewing and storage areas for the iron/poppy farm completed. He also changed the way the golems are killed based on viewer suggestions. In episode 19: Burglars and Bubble Battles, Tango takes to a life night-time pranking before taking on the wither – underwater – with Xisuma, but things don’t go as planned; some better, some worse. On Skyblock #7, Tango took his villager farm to ridiculous levels and even takes the time to make it out of his signature red and white. He does give some good insight into the hit boxes of chests and hoppers and how to make the most of your loot-gathering. The current streaming schedule is: All times in Arizona time UTC-7  You can find a time converter here and here. You can also use America/Phoenix as a reference point. Wednesday 9 am-12 noon Friday   2 pm – 5 pm Tango now has a merchandise store where you can buy Tango Tek mugs and Dig My Bits t-shirts! Click the mug for the link.

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