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Tango only released one video and this week and when we saw it on Friday we understood why – and wow, was it ever worth the wait! What If Minecraft Had Better Villagers, Part 2 was released and Tango outlined new villagers he has added to his upcoming mod as well as plans for the future. This video blew my mind. Things I had never even considered, Tango has incorporated in this new way to play Minecraft. If you have not seen it yet, please go watch the video as any explanations I give will not be nearly as effective as the video. Some of the new occupations:
  • Architect: You need to buy items from this villager to set up your village.
  • Traveling Merchant: This guy  buys and sells items you need to start your town.
  • Guard: He protects your town.
  • Rancher: Takes care of all of the different kinds of animals: feeding, breeding, and harvesting non-terminal items from them.
  • Butcher: Any animal items that can only be collected from dead animals will be done by the butcher.
The video also explains more details of the game mechanics. Tango is making this mod sophisticated and detailed; it will be a game within the game. Your job will be to build and grow a successful village – letting the villagers do all the mining, tree-cutting, and animal-breeding. You provide for and upgrade your village to make the best village that you can. And there is so much more coming. Bad guys, children, mages, archers, chefs, priests, schools, a skill system for professions, a happiness system, and so much more! Please go watch the video!   On the livestreams on Mixer this week, on Wednesday, Tango and Zedaph went to the End and the desert to collect items for Tango’s perpetually in-progress base. If you aren’t catching the livestreams, you’re missing something truly special. Tango streams with two of his best friends, Zedaph on Wednesdays and Impulse on Fridays. These guys have been together since almost the very beginning of their Minecraft video-making careers and they are true friends and have the best time together. It comes across so well in the streams. Wednesday’s stream is at 9am PDT. You can find a time zone converter here. On Friday, Tango and Impulse streamed more work on the underground mall. In the Halloween spirit, there were many scares to be had – some intentional and some not. Past streams can always be watched on demand if you missed it live, so you can still check it out the fun if you didn’t get there the first time.      

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