How Would You Kill Tango?

Tango wants the Hermits to come up a unique machine. One that will – without any interaction from themselves – kill Tango. I can think of a couple of good ways, but I’m not a Hermit, so I don’t get to enter. I’m excited to see what the Hermits come up with. Iron golems abound in episode 22. The underground Mall of DERP is still getting more than it’s share of mobs, so Tango installs a new security guard (with the help of a resource pack) and names him after everyone’s favorite mall cop. He also installed a volcano under the iron titan for the golems to fall through on their way down to the ocean (volcano, lava – get it?) (during Monday’s livestream) and he tries to take out some of the glass tube so it doesn’t ruin the aesthetic. It ends up ruining the iron farm. Tango takes it in stride and fixes the error, of course. Tango then shows us how he fixes his schwoop-o-vator (item elevator) at his expanded sugarcane farm. As a last scene, Tango asks viewers to submit ideas for his base – so get going! He wants ideas from us and he wants them fast! Submit them to him via his Twitter account, the link is below. If you missed the streams this week, go check them out on Mixer. On Wednesday’s stream, not only do Tango and Zedaph get up to some fun (just don’t kill any bunnies!), they tour Scar’s new attraction with Scar (this is why Tango can’t have nice things) and ride the roller coaster.    

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