Patreon Server Update!

This Saturday, October 6th, Tango will be resetting his Patreon server and updating it to Minecraft version 1.13. So if you a patron of his, you can be a part of this brand new world.

As a patron myself, I can tell you that the folks on the Titancraft server are friendly and helpful and that playing on a server is a completely different experience than playing in a single-player world. Benefiting from community farms, learning new techniques, being able to do things you normally would not have access to (I had never fought the dragon before playing on a server, for example) are all part of the multiplayer experience that make it so much better than single player. If you can afford it, I highly recommend playing in a Patreon  multiplayer world.

If you are not yet a patron, you can sign up here.

On Hermitcraft this week, Tango finally opened his iron shop in the new underground mall he and Impulse built. It is (at the moment) called Ethical Iron and he is selling iron blocks, rails, hoppers, and pistons. He also found he had been pranked by two other hermits, both iJevin and Zedaph had pulled stunts in his iron farm and his base, respectively.

We also got the news that Tango has been hard at work on the What If series, the villager mod in particular, creating many new villager types, and thinks that the best way to release it will be as a playable game within the game. Considering what he envisioned in the introduction video, this seems reasonable. He said that the player would have to provide the village, and the villagers, with everything they need in order for them to be able to do their jobs to keep the village running. This endeavor is eating up a lot of his time, and that is why we aren’t seeing as many Hermitcraft videos from him. Since I for one am eagerly awaiting this Villager mod, I’m not complaining.

Over on the Minesaga server, in Skyblock, Tango is Upping Our Game. He does a lot of experiments – for Science! – to find out exactly how the spawners and hoppers work and how to optimize the collection of sellable materials so that he gets every dollar and nothing is lost from not being caught by the hoppers and despawning.

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