Base Work At Last

Tango has (finally!) decided on a plan for his base, and with the help of his patrons, come up with an idea to make the lake above his base look as if it’s being held up by magic. To accomplish this, he needs to do many things: kill a lot of wither skeletons, gather some wither skulls, kill a few withers, and (you can see where this is heading, right?) make a few beacons.

The light from the beacons are what are going to create the magic that holds up the lake. Believe me, I explained that much better than Tango did. But one of the things we love about Tango is his enthusiasm and Tango’s mouth doesn’t always work right when he gets enthusiastic.

In episode 37, Golf with Team Z.I.T., Zedaph, Impulse , and Tango play a round of golf on Cubfan135’s recently completed golf course. Zedaph impressed at first, but Tango came through to tie him in the end. Impulse sadly, needs more practice. Tango needs more practice with figuring out his cameras. The course, however was the real stunner. It is simply breath-taking, and for even those who aren’t fans of golf – or sports in general – you have to admire the creative way this course was set up and the stunning scenery it passes through.

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