Hardcore Hermits Returns

This week, Hardcore Hermits seasons 3 began. This time, our intrepid explorers are tasks with killing every mob in the game. As implied by the name ‘hardcore’, they only have one life to accomplish this. Team ZIT is together once again, with Zedaph, ImpulseSV, and Tango competing together. They get off to a good start, if you don’t count the new pillager mobs, which seem to scare them witless, and Tango seems to be terrified of harmless pandas, for unknown reasons.

In episode 2, they go into the jungle looking for ocelots and parrots, but only check one off of the list. They do get chased by quite a few packs of pillagers, though.

Episode 3 finds them taking on a pack of pillagers and a beast,  but Impulse and Zedaph – with the help of a couple of bows – make short work of them.


Over on the Hermitcraft server, Joe Hills has pranked Tango back for the Grian heads Tango stole from him. Tango shows some competitive shops that have popped up around town and then he gives us a look at some work he and Impulse did to Improve the ConCorp logo. Afterward, he meets Grian in the End where he had previously hid his collection of Grian head for the competition, but they had been stolen by Cubfan135, who used his camera account in spectator mode to search the end looking for Tango’s stash. In Grian’s opinion, this was ungentlemanly and against the rules, so we will see what it does to Cub’s score.

In closing, Tango announces his plans to start his storage room in the next episode.

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