Merry Christmas, Hermits!

In Hardcore Hermits 3, episode 8, team ZIT went to the Nether and Zedaph took down every nether mob by himself – Impulse and Tango could have sat around and had a tea party. Zedaph killed it! In episode 9, Xisuma has fixed the bug that kept the Evoker from spawning in the Woodland Mansion they found, so they go back to kill him and his vex, before heading back into the Nether to collect some wither skulls to – possibly – kill the Wither at a later time.

In episode 10, after watching Tango get horribly lost, team ZIT takes on an ocean temple and sadly loses one of their team members in a brutal death by an elder guardian. They do kill they guardian, but they don’t complete the mission before the episode ends.

On the Hermitcraft server, we finally get to see the construction of the storage system that we were teased with in the Grian heist video last week. He also puts in an order for Scar to build a Christmas tree for the DERP mall*, and finds that Doc, Xisuma, and Wels have pranked him by filling his rockets shop with firework rockets.

*GoodTimesWithScar went into the hospital after this was filmed with a possible infection and he may not get the tree done before Christmas. For those of you who do not follow Scar, he has several health issues which he has to deal with on a daily basis and which may, on occasion, require a hospital stay. All of the Hermits are aware of this and there is no ill will if he does not get a job finished in time.

In episode 34, we see the finished product of last week’s livestream project, Santa’s teddy bear workshop. The timings are fixed and the “elves” are brought over from Tango’s base. Then the guys finish the building to make it a truly magical addition to the Christmas Wonderland section of the server.

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