Merry Christmas, Hermits!

Last week in Friday’s DERP livestream, Impulse and Tango began their Christmas project to us and the other hermits, and I am happy to report that it will once again involve a band of Santa’s elves running merrily around Santa’s workshop. This time the guys are upping their game and the elves will actually be building toys, so tune in on Friday for the next livestream to watch the progress.

Elsewhere on the Hermitcraft server, Tango has promised us a new video of his storage system, but that will have to wait as Grian has recruited his help in a grand heist. This one is so over-the-top that by the end, I wasn’t sure what was stolen, if anything, and by whom.

The aforementioned storage video should be coming this week.

Hardcore Hermits 3: Kill All The Mobs

We got three episodes of Hardcore Hermits this week and Team ZIP racked up quite a few kills to add to their score. They found a frozen biome to add a polar bear and a stray, an ocean to add a dolphin, a swamp to add a witch and her cat, and a woodland mansion to add a illusioner. They could not find any evokers, vex, or vindicators in the mansion, however. They tracked down a vindicator traveling with a pillager mob, so that one was crossed off the list.

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