PAX South is On!

We have definite confirmation that Tango will be attending PAX South in San Antonio in January. Tickets are still available so if you’d like to check out everything there is to know about upcoming games for 2019, and meet Tango, make your reservations now.

On Hermitcraft, Teddy Bear Tango and Impulse completed their Santa’s teddy bear workshop build, and it is one of the best I’ve ever seen. The place is a redstone marvel, with teddy bears being constructed, the elves running around the shop, and one of the coziest buildings you’ve ever seen. You just want to grab a cup of cocoa and hang out for a while and watch the elves.

The Villager Mod

Tango gave us all an awesome Christmas gift in the form of a video of the latest update on his upcoming villager mod that is going to give us a whole new way to play Minecraft. He showed us some new professions, the education system, and promised us a Let’s Play/Developer series where he would show us the gameplay while getting the last of the bugs out of the game before releasing it.

Hardcore Hermits

We had the last two episodes of Hardcore Hermits this week, and even if there hadn’t been a planned twelve episodes in the series, it would have been the last for our guys because things didn’t go well for them in episode 12. With Zed dead from episode 10 in the ocean monument, Tango and Impulse had to use their wits to take out as many more mobs as possible to win. So what did they decide to do? Fight the wither. It turns out Zed had the soul sand and the flint and steel they needed for that, so they have to retrace their steps in episode 11 to reacquire those items before taking him on in episode 12. Do they succeed? Do they win another Hardcore Hermits? You’ll have to check out episode 12 to find out.

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