Zedaph’s Back!

The Mixer livestream schedule for Zedaph’s visit.

The Google calendar link for the live streams is here. From there, you can see the times in your time zone and add them to your own Google calendar if you wish.

Not only do we have Zed back, but we had a whole new cast of villagers for the Villager Mod to see this week! We got to see enchanters, druids, and clerics and see how they are going to fit into the village dynamic. Tango has added magic into our lives once again.

Now that the villager mod is (mostly) sorted and coded, Tango has been back at work on the Hermitcraft server and it seems he’s trying to compete with Cubfan135 for who can smelt the most things in the shortest amount of time. I didn’t know there was a contest, but apparently there is, because this week Tango built a super smelter that could smelt every Minecraft player’s items everywhere in the world, if we put them all together, in less than an hour. Considering the current count is about 91 million players* I think Tango and Cub has us all covered.

It gets so ridiculously fast that at one point he explains how he needs to have 8 hoppers going into a chest all at once. And this is how he does it.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never needed to smelt that many things myself. If you need to, this is the video for you! Perhaps a densely populated server would band together to make this – it would make an awesome community project.

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