The Village Begins!

In this week’s Hermitcraft video, Tango started off by feeding Grian’s rocket addiction, then went back to hos base and found more of the Grian heads that are scattered around the server. He revealed that the design theme for his village is going to be wooden elvish, and built the first house in a series that will fill the village at the bottom of his base. He made some on the fly changes, and seemed unsure of exactly how to improve what he didn’t like – but Tango is known for his redstone skills, not his building finesse. The result is pretty good, for Tango. On Monday’s livestream, Tango managed to break into Iskall’s Grian-head vault, but was promptly killed by Iskall who was standing guard. On Wednesday’s livestream with Zedaph, Tango helps Zedaph solve his lack-of-food situation. They were going to collect things to help with future nether hub project, but that would involve digging sand and gravel, and they thought viewers would get bored, so they asked viewers for suggestions on what they should do. They decide to go End-raiding. Tango spends a lot of time complaingin he doesn’t have ender pearls, which is confusing, considering he’s surrounded by enderman, but maybe all of the shulker-induced floating got to his head. On Thursday morning, Tango livestreamed some development work on the villager app, so if you’re interested in that, you can find the replay on Mixer.  

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Patreon Server Update!

This Saturday, October 6th, Tango will be resetting his Patreon server and updating it to Minecraft version 1.13. So if you a patron of his, you can be a part of this brand new world.

As a patron myself, I can tell you that the folks on the Titancraft server are friendly and helpful and that playing on a server is a completely different experience than playing in a single-player world. Benefiting from community farms, learning new techniques, being able to do things you normally would not have access to (I had never fought the dragon before playing on a server, for example) are all part of the multiplayer experience that make it so much better than single player. If you can afford it, I highly recommend playing in a Patreon  multiplayer world.

If you are not yet a patron, you can sign up here.

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