Patreon Server Update!

This Saturday, October 6th, Tango will be resetting his Patreon server and updating it to Minecraft version 1.13. So if you a patron of his, you can be a part of this brand new world.

As a patron myself, I can tell you that the folks on the Titancraft server are friendly and helpful and that playing on a server is a completely different experience than playing in a single-player world. Benefiting from community farms, learning new techniques, being able to do things you normally would not have access to (I had never fought the dragon before playing on a server, for example) are all part of the multiplayer experience that make it so much better than single player. If you can afford it, I highly recommend playing in a PatreonĀ  multiplayer world.

If you are not yet a patron, you can sign up here.

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