What’s Up?

Hello it’s me, your friendly neighborhood Tango reporter back again after a extended vacation. If you’ve only been watching Tango’s YouTube channel, then you probably think he isn’t doing much of anything these days.

There is the Developer’s playthrough of the Villager Mod on the YouTube channel (Do not ask me where to download it – it will not be available until it’s finished. I get fifty of those emails a week.) and that is very cool, but over on Mixer, even more is happening.

He’s been streaming several games, including an interactive version of Minecraft, where viewers get to help and/or hinder the progress. It’s been a ton of fun and you should join us. Check the links below to find Tango’s links.

Zedaph’s Back!

The Mixer livestream schedule for Zedaph’s visit.

The Google calendar link for the live streams is here. From there, you can see the times in your time zone and add them to your own Google calendar if you wish.

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Udderly Tango

It wouldn’t be a Tango project if it wasn’t so overdone as to be ridiculous. And also very effective. This week Tango built a cow farm that not only works on an almost exact five-minute loop (there is a five minute cooldown for animals to rebreed) but has it’s own wheat farm that sends the wheat down to Tango as he feeds the cows and then shoots more wheat out at him so that he will pick it up as he feeds the cows. And there’s a hopper to pick up any missed wheat. And let’s not forget about the pretty blue carpet to make it look nice.

Now to make the burnification machine to turn all the baby moo-moos into delicious steak.

Here are all of the links to follow and support Tango:

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G-Team Defense!

This week’s video had Tango preparing the defenses for any attack on the G-Team HQ. He has three defenses tactics in place, on, of course, involving lava. If you want to see the in-depth build of the building’s fire-charge defenses, catch the replay of Monday’s livestream. He has plans to add more to the system, but what he has now are sure to set the war on fire.

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PAX South is On!

We have definite confirmation that Tango will be attending PAX South in San Antonio in January. Tickets are still available so if you’d like to check out everything there is to know about upcoming games for 2019, and meet Tango, make your reservations now.

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Merry Christmas, Hermits!

In Hardcore Hermits 3, episode 8, team ZIT went to the Nether and Zedaph took down every nether mob by himself – Impulse and Tango could have sat around and had a tea party. Zedaph killed it! In episode 9, Xisuma has fixed the bug that kept the Evoker from spawning in the Woodland Mansion they found, so they go back to kill him and his vex, before heading back into the Nether to collect some wither skulls to – possibly – kill the Wither at a later time.

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Merry Christmas, Hermits!

Last week in Friday’s DERP livestream, Impulse and Tango began their Christmas project to us and the other hermits, and I am happy to report that it will once again involve a band of Santa’s elves running merrily around Santa’s workshop. This time the guys are upping their game and the elves will actually be building toys, so tune in on Friday for the next livestream to watch the progress.

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Hardcore Hermits Returns

This week, Hardcore Hermits seasons 3 began. This time, our intrepid explorers are tasks with killing every mob in the game. As implied by the name ‘hardcore’, they only have one life to accomplish this. Team ZIT is together once again, with Zedaph, ImpulseSV, and Tango competing together. They get off to a good start, if you don’t count the new pillager mobs, which seem to scare them witless, and Tango seems to be terrified of harmless pandas, for unknown reasons.

In episode 2, they go into the jungle looking for ocelots and parrots, but only check one off of the list. They do get chased by quite a few packs of pillagers, though.

Episode 3 finds them taking on a pack of pillagers and a beast,  but Impulse and Zedaph – with the help of a couple of bows – make short work of them.


Over on the Hermitcraft server, Joe Hills has pranked Tango back for the Grian heads Tango stole from him. Tango shows some competitive shops that have popped up around town and then he gives us a look at some work he and Impulse did to Improve the ConCorp logo. Afterward, he meets Grian in the End where he had previously hid his collection of Grian head for the competition, but they had been stolen by Cubfan135, who used his camera account in spectator mode to search the end looking for Tango’s stash. In Grian’s opinion, this was ungentlemanly and against the rules, so we will see what it does to Cub’s score.

In closing, Tango announces his plans to start his storage room in the next episode.

The Village Begins!

In this week’s Hermitcraft video, Tango started off by feeding Grian’s rocket addiction, then went back to hos base and found more of the Grian heads that are scattered around the server. He revealed that the design theme for his village is going to be wooden elvish, and built the first house in a series that will fill the village at the bottom of his base. He made some on the fly changes, and seemed unsure of exactly how to improve what he didn’t like – but Tango is known for his redstone skills, not his building finesse. The result is pretty good, for Tango. On Monday’s livestream, Tango managed to break into Iskall’s Grian-head vault, but was promptly killed by Iskall who was standing guard. On Wednesday’s livestream with Zedaph, Tango helps Zedaph solve his lack-of-food situation. They were going to collect things to help with future nether hub project, but that would involve digging sand and gravel, and they thought viewers would get bored, so they asked viewers for suggestions on what they should do. They decide to go End-raiding. Tango spends a lot of time complaingin he doesn’t have ender pearls, which is confusing, considering he’s surrounded by enderman, but maybe all of the shulker-induced floating got to his head. On Thursday morning, Tango livestreamed some development work on the villager app, so if you’re interested in that, you can find the replay on Mixer.  

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AllThingsTangoTek is an authorized fan-run supporter of YouTuber and Mixer streamer, Tango Tek. We are not Tango, but we have his permission to be here.


Base Work At Last

Tango has (finally!) decided on a plan for his base, and with the help of his patrons, come up with an idea to make the lake above his base look as if it’s being held up by magic. To accomplish this, he needs to do many things: kill a lot of wither skeletons, gather some wither skulls, kill a few withers, and (you can see where this is heading, right?) make a few beacons.

The light from the beacons are what are going to create the magic that holds up the lake. Believe me, I explained that much better than Tango did. But one of the things we love about Tango is his enthusiasm and Tango’s mouth doesn’t always work right when he gets enthusiastic.

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