New Heights

Tango took the game to new heights this week with his double blaze spawner farm on Hermitcraft season six, episode 23. And he didn’t fall into the lava below while making it! :round of applause: The adventure was perilous and fraught with ghasts and wither skeletons and lava that was calling his name from just below, but our intrepid Tango managed to pull this off without a hitch in Monday’s livestream on Mixer. He was even kind enough to let viewers pick the glass colors instead of using his usual red and white – which is why they are lovely in pink and magenta. For those who don’t tune in to Tango’s livestreams, you’re missing some truly fantastic moments. Not only do you get complete interaction with Tango and other fans, but Tango gives insights into things he usually doesn’t share in his YouTube videos. His thoughts on the upcoming Minecraft updates, for example. Or interaction with Mrs. Tango and access to her awesome recipes, for another. (This alone is worth attending. Mrs. T’s recipes are legendary and the best thing about being a Tango fan. Sorry, Tango. We love you, but we love Mrs. T more.) If you want to keep a closer eye on when Tango is livestreaming, follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook. We make several announcements so you can still catch the stream if you missed the first one.
Interesting aside: Gnembon has decided to join the “How to Kill a Tango” challenge, even though he isn’t an official member of Hermitcraft – although considering how many of his builds have been built in Hermitcraft worlds, he should be imho. If you’re interested in seeing why (Gnembon is a genius with the game mechanics of MC) check out his new video, How to Kill a Tango with Cod AI and Invisible Creepers. Tango himself is equally impressed.
Over a Skyblock, the Mystic server reset last weekend, so season 2 has begun with Tango starting from scratch. He has a much-improved cactus farm design that should help him level up even faster. Cactus, as we found out last season, is the best way to make your starter money. Although mining sessions may prove lucrative for Tango, if he continues to have the luck he did in episode 1.      

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